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Highly Experimental
- Now in Progress, updates every Friday. Follows the life and times of a science-created child, his equally-mysterious new girlfriend, and a bunch of other wierd teens and old people.

My Immortal Fool
- In Progress, Updated every Tuesday-ish. Years after the events of Superstar Saga, Fawful's made a name for himself and still fights with Prince Peasley, but then he gets posessed by the still-wandering soul Cackletta and then she wants to fight everyone. Or fry them. Characters and original canon are ©Nintendo.

EvoRelution/The Legend of Azu Maya
- Hiatus. Many animal tribes want power through the evolution that made humans what they are today, and there's a source of magic that can do as such. It's up to a wealthy wizard who reluctantly has to team up with a wild shaman as they venture the continent of New Auria in hopes to put a stop to the revolution and use the magic source for their own selfish gains.

Billy Goes Shopping/Nergal Gets a Job
- On Hiatus. Self Explanitory. Except Wall-Mart and the "Greatest Toy Ever" play a huge part here. Characters and original Billy and Mandy canon are ©Maxwell Atoms and Cartoon Network.

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