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Custom Artwork that fills up both your spirits and my wallet.

Currently I don't have time to accept any Commissions at the moment. Check the blog for updates if this status changes. Links contain a sample of each art format and unless otherwise specified, the base prices will cover one character on a white background.

Unless specified, Digital works will average at size 1400 x 2100 pixels, saved at 350 dpi. The original image of that size will be e-mailed to the buyer while a lower-res web version may be displayed at my gallery
Traditional artwork will be drawn on bristolboard paper of either 4.5x6" (base prices below) or 9x12" (for double the base + background price). Watercolor paper is subject to availability.

Shipping is included on prices for traditional pieces being mailed out to the buyer. For orders being delivered outside the USA, please add an extra dollar, as postage is more expensive leaving the country. This only applies to Traditional Art orders

Payment can be either immediate or mid-process. I won't force you to pay up upon agreement to a commission and then I wind up taking two months to get it done. Unless it's a quick sketch, I will e-mail you a work-in-progress shot to inform you I am working on the drawing and will then require payment before it is completed. In-Person cash payments after the work is completed may be granted on a case-by-case basis.

I accept payments through Paypal and my e-mail is cammiluna @

What else I am by all means not able to draw everything ever, and have right to refuse to draw any requests I feel incapable of or uncomfortable drawing. Please contact me about the details first so we can assure an agreement.

The offers (base prices)

Carbon Pencil Sketch: $7
Digital Sketch (soft): $5
Digital Sketch (hard): $5
Digital Ink (bold): $20
Traditional Ink: $25
Pencil sketch on medication stationary pad $7 (subject to availability of stationary. currently sold out)

Headshot Avatars (full color, digital, 300x300px): $10 (100x100 copy also included.)

Traditional Greyscale: $20
Digital Greyscale :$15
Digital Flat Color: $20
Digital Speedpaint: $25
Digital Cell-Shading: $30
Soft Shading:$30
Marker (+ ink): $35
traditional Watercolor: $35

Second Character: Double the base price
Include sketch background (no color): Add $5
Include inked background (no color): Add $10
Include Full Background (Digital): Add $20
Include Full background (Traditional): Add $25


Resume-Typing Service: $100
Letter-typing Service: $20


Lost Resort (EvoRelution, Issue 1): $8.70 (click link to head to

Coming Soon

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