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I am by no means an affiliate whore, so please do not expect me to randomly affiliate with you. however, it's my sole obligation to affiliate with site owned/operated by my closest friends. just because.

Star Road; by Prismaya
[Also home to the webcomics "Caps and Crowns" (Mario) and "Diva" (Original)]

Into the Void; by Kazzie

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The Animal Crossing LJ Community

-- Homepages --

Pinkland; by Pink-chan

Magical*Art; by Swammi

Peach*Dahlia; by Miko

The Neon Bayou; by Winx

Let me be with you; by Aster
[Also home to the comic series "Millennium"]

Vappy*Net; by Vaporshi

Luna's Sanctuary; by Luna Yoshi; by Elegance Liberty

Lateral Shift; by Elegance Liberty (F-Zero site)

Binomynd; by Jazz/J-Riddler

Glumco Comics; by CheezyWEAPON (Adult Content)
Zoe's Brainfarts
the Neon Castle
Twisted Arrow Productions (The blair Guru Project)
Bara Chan's Cyber Garden
Axer Industries

-- Game and Anime --

Aoshi's Anime Realm (Earthbound/Mother)
DK's Jungle Vine (Donkey Kong)
DKJungle Forum
Mission JFG (Jet Force Gemini/StarTwins)
The Rubber Chicken (Misc.)
Rave 3
Team Artail (Sonic the Hedgehog)
Video Gamers First
Rainbow Resort (Kirby) <- Zombo Com

Bravenet Free-for-all Links page

Button Collection.
The sites listed here are one i have lost the addresses to and/or have no idea if they're even operational anymore. If you know the wherabouts of these sites, many whom i affiliated with long ago, let me know and i'll actively relocate the links. otherwise this makesforth a nice gallery for dead site banners. ^^

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